Privacy Statement


As of: April 2013
This Privacy Policy contains information about our utilization of personal information collected specifically through the Logjobs website. When you provide information to Logjobs and use the website, by so doing, you are accepting the procedures described in this Privacy Policy.


Resume Privacy Options
LogJobs requests job seeker users to provide contact information so that they may be reached by registered member clients. LogJobs may also use such information to contact applicants as necessary.


You can post your resume in "confidential" format.Resumes displayed in confidential format will not show name, address or phone number. To further safeguard your confidentiality, on your resume you may refer to your current employer as "confidential" rather than by actual name. Persons presenting a resume in confidential format may be contacted by email by interested employers or recruiters. If you feel your email address could potentially reveal your identity, we encourage you to set up an alternate anonymous email address for use with your resume with Logjobs and other resume boards that you may utilize.


You may also apply to select jobs on Logjobs without posting your resume into the database. When you choose the job(s) you wish to apply to, you will go through the process of posting your resume, you will then be given the option to check off a box labeled "Private".This will ensure that your resume does not get posted into the database when you apply to said job.


Safeguard Your Personal Information

    Never disclose your social security number on your resume

    Never give credit card or bank account information numbers on your resume

    Do not include personal details such as birthdates or marital status on your resume


Deletion, Change and Modification Options
You may delete, change or update your information at any time.


We grant access to our resume database only to registered member clients who may include human resource professionals and hiring managers of employers and recruiters.


Registered member recruiter clients with access to Logjobs database may have retained a copy of your resume in their own files. Logjobs is not responsible for recruiters' retention, use or privacy of resumes in such cases.