Interim Placement/Contract Hiring

Interim Placement Services
In the current recessionary economy, adaptable companies are hiring supply chain and logistics professionals on an interim basis, i.e. "only as needed". This approach provides your workforce much needed support from interim professionals with requisite industry knowledge, experience and skills. They function as an extension of your internal resources and may become permanent employees if the need and mutual interest exists.


Typical Situations where it may make sense to consider interim workers:

  • • A key logistics executive is unexpectedly lost and needs to be replaced as soon as possible

  • • A supply chain re-engineering project is underway and the company is finding it difficult to support the project with its internal resources

  • • A short term project arises that requires extensive and specific logistics subject matter expertise

  • • A temporary increase in workload forces the need for adding short-term middle managers




The Navesink Team

is comprised of executive recruiters that bring decades of senior–level experience -- having served in such positions as Vice President, Lead Partner, Senior Director, and Senior Manager in the Supply Chain and Logistics field. We employ this expertise and proven recruiting methodologies to rapidly identify and qualify the best interim resources for your needs.

The Benefits

Companies utilizing interim resources are speedily realizing the benefits delivered by professionals with needed skills. Professionals working on an interim basis function as an extension of the company’s internal resources. Permanent employees learn from experienced interim professionals further benefiting the company. Interim individuals may also become permanent employees if the need and mutual interest exists.



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